Rent and sale of tank containers

1100 tank containers

200 swap body containers

4 major stocks in Europe

15 stocks across russia

  • Chemical tank container
  • Gas tank container
  • Food tank container
  • Tank container for acid transportation
  • New and used tank containers of any size and capacity
  • Tank container classifications IMO, ISO or UN Portable Tank T code classification with full service and certification

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  • individual technical solution for each client and each cargo when working with tank containers;
  • technical support: development, installation and technical support of auxiliary equipment, taking into account the individual conditions of the client;
  • technical support by the company’s specialists in organizing and carrying out unloading / loading of the product;
  • supply of spare parts for tank containers;
  • delivery of tank containers;
  • full set of permits for equipment;
  • supply for transportation of tank containers with a protective inner coating (transportation of highly corrosive and dangerous goods);
  • constant monitoring of the technical condition of containers.

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  • ladders, ramps and folding handrails for convenient maintenance of working compartments;
  • a thermometer to control the temperature of the product;
  • safety devices that protect the tank container from overpressure in the reservoir.

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